Sandy Hills Farm is open for schooling seven days a week.

Please book ahead or call us to advise of your schooling plans.

There is a full size dressage arena, show jumping arena, a galloping track, and a pond for swimming your horse! Rates per horse are as follows:

$10.00 ~ Gallop Track and Hacking

$20.00 ~ Show Jumping Ring and Dressage Arenas (fee includes use of gallop track, hack, and pond if desired)

$30.00 ~ Derby Field (fee includes use of jump ring, dressage arena, gallop track, hack and pond if desired)

$20.00 ~ Pond use for wading, strength walking, or bareback swimming

$40.00 ~ Guided* dock swimming for conditioning and/or rehabilitation

*Dock swims are guided only unless approved otherwise in advance

You will be required to sign a release form. Please download this PDF form and bring it with you to leave with your payment near the trailer parking area. If you are unable to download, there are release forms next to the trailer parking.

Water is available for your horse and for hosing.

Ample parking provided.

Trainers are welcome to lesson and hold clinics.

Derby Field

$30 per horse

Excellent turf with cross country jumps up to Intermediate level including:
Skinnies and Corners
Coffins and other Combinations
Water Complex
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Dressage Arenas

$20 per horse

Standard Arena 20m X 60m
Arena Letters
Small Arena 20m X 40m
Irrigated Sand Footing
Vehicle Access
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Jump Arena

$20 per horse

450’ X 250’ with irrigated sand footing
Multiple rails and jumps for custom courses including:
Ground poles
Multiple features including gates, walls, & flowers
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Gallop Track

$10 per horse

Half-Mile Marker
Sand Footing
Adjacent Turf
Pond Entry
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Swimming Pond

$20 per horse/ $40 for guided dock session

Three ponds with natural wildlife
Pond with beach entry for wading, strength walking, and bareback swimming
Dock for conditioning
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Biggs’ Field

$20 per horse

Rolling terrain excellent for conditioning
Jumps set in upper field
Shaded and often breezy
Picnics welcome!
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