Located in the heart of South Carolina’s most diverse horse community, Sandy Hills Farm is a boarding and schooling facility

within minutes of many disciplines: eventing, hunter/jumper, fox hunting, polo, combined driving, steeplechase, and flat racing.

Horse lovers from all over the country are drawn to this area for it’s wonderful footing and year-round riding.

With over sixty acres of rolling fields bordered by miles of wooded trails, we are an equestrian playground for training or recreational riding at all levels:

Cross Country Training Field | Jump Arena | Mirrored Dressage Ring | Gallop Track | Wading Pond with Swimming Dock | Trail Access


We are passionate about upholding the 25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation, developed by Dr. Allen M. Schoen, in our barns and on the farm as an entity.

In addition, we follow the USEF horse health, welfare and safety guidelines.  We are committed to ensuring the welfare of any horse on our property and providing a safe environment for all.

Please ride and work with your horses “with patience, kindness, and consistency, avoiding any intentionally harmful, aggressive, violent behaviors, including actions out of anger or egoic self-interest.”*

                                   — *From the 25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation by Dr. Allen M. Schoen


We offer something for everyone with an array of features unique to our property.

Our schooling environments are adaptable to nearly any horse/rider ability, so that you may tailor your outing with specific goals in mind: The hilly terrain, training track, and wading pond are ideal for conditioning, while the derby field and jump arena can accommodate beginner to advanced exercises. The shared 20m x 60m and 20m x 40m dressage ring features arena letters with mirrors at one end.

Irrigated sand footing and excellent turf are a signature trait of the farm, which is indicative of the region’s reputation for ground that is ideal underhoof.

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